Crossing the Country in a Single Engine Airplane

Last week I received the following email from an aviation penpal:

“Dizzy (nickname, not real name),

I’m in the process of helping a friend buy a new-to-him 2002 SR22 right now – it’s a smoking deal because it has a brand new engine (and OK-to-good all over). If the deal goes through, I’ll be heading to Dayton, OH a week from now to pick it up and ferry it to Phoenix with him.

Why not join us? I’ll wear my T, and you can wear yours ūüėÄ I know that chances are slim, but just imagine what kind of experience you’d get – IFR, significant XC, more Cirrus time…? Say Yes!”

unnamed      unnamed-1

The route would look something like this, depending on weather:


I’m a very busy working mom, so I had to really think about it…
for about -0.1 seconds.

YES!!!!!¬†I responded, before he could even hit SEND¬†on the email (…I’m telepathic when it comes to all things aviation).

So, it looks like I have my first really big aviation adventure ahead of me.

Since the plane is a purchase, the guy buying it will be doing most of the flying. But my friend has invited me to extend our trip from Phoenix¬†up to Vegas¬†in his own plane, so¬†I’ll get to¬†pilot that leg.

Very exciting times! I look forward to updating this blog about the trip.

Up next – An entry on a very special mission along the flight involving a tiny primate.

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3 Responses to Crossing the Country in a Single Engine Airplane

  1. flylady33 says:

    Love this post! I am not a pilot but I am passionate about aviation. I am a senior that loves aviation. I wish I could go to AirVenture this year. I have been 3 times and it was wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. flylady33 says:

    Have a great time. Think of me when you’re there.


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