The Monkey, and why I must make this trip

* * The following is an email I sent to my friend pleading my case for a very important mission on our upcoming cross country flight in a single engine plane (read on that here).

Dear friend,

Confession time. I have an ulterior motive with this trip. His name is…
The Monkey.

He looks kind of like this:











Where do I start… hmm.

So, once upon a time, a man – who also happened to be a pilot – walked into the break room at his work and saw this little guy:


The one in the back!


He decided to send him on an adventure.

Across the country!!!


As you can see, he has NOT yet been to the northeast. Nor has he… brace yourself… been with a woman! Pilot, I mean. A woman pilot.

He travels in a manila envelope with his own logbook.


He’s been having quite the time…




He loves a good aviation event…


Especially OSH…

He’s, uh… about top right of what you are looking at.

He’s even met Santa!


He’s really good at flight planning…


And has been working on his drone certificate…


He recently even got his own plane and has been experimenting with inverted flight…


Oh, and by the way, he’s also logged over 14 hours in an F-15!




They’ve been trying to get him into outerspace… hopefully one day.

With all the excitement, he’s been really trying to work harder on his inner peace and often consults with his Yoda Instructor…


I’m not sure the latest total in The Monkey’s logbook, but it’s probably higher than in my own.

The poor lil’ guy has been stuck in Oklahoma for the last 4-5 months, and Oklahoma is nowhere for a monkey… or anyone for that matter.

I’m really hoping that on this journey from Ohio to Vegas, we can make a quick stop along the way to pick him up. Once I have The Monkey, I plan to fly him to all the New England states and even see about getting him in the cockpit for my upcoming trip to Norway.

Besides, I think he could use a break from being manhandled. He really needs some time with a nice woman. Or me.

Talk soon!




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5 Responses to The Monkey, and why I must make this trip

  1. G-Man from POA says:

    Wonderful! I am also very flattered you chose so many of my photos to illustrate The Monkey. One clarification – I took The Monkey for a local flight around KBJC with a woman pilot. She’s even a 99 and does the Air Race Classic. It would be an honor to introduce you and her, since you are also a great role model for all pilots.


  2. Andrew Lyon says:

    That was not a nice remark about Oklahoma. It’s not nowhere, it’s home to me. I hope my piece of the country wasn’t as bland as you thought. I forgive you.



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