Adventure Day 5, wow… just wow

Yesterday we flew from Lubbock, TX to Phoenix, AZ. It was an interesting flight – gusty winds (35 knots), IMC, moderate turbulence and something apparently called “p-static” (affected our comms, some of the electric displays and it even sent little charges through the right side of my headset).

An example of p-static in a Cirrus

Despite some occasional nail biting, the scenery along that stretch was amazing.

Picture above is looking over the US/MX border. 


Once we arrived in Phoenix, we hangared the new plane, had some lunch and switched to my friend’s personal plane.

There were definitely some interesting clouds awaiting our departure.


The flight from Phoenix to Las Vegas was the highlight for me. The views were incredible and I really enjoyed flying left seat from takeoff to landing in the SR22. Despite the extra power, the plane handled very easily.

This stretch was thankfully less “interesting,”although we did fly through some IMC that required extra caution due to potential icing.

The view above was looking out to the cloud layer at 8,000 feet a few minutes before we entered it. While temps stayed between 1-2 ° C, we kicked on the de-icer to play it safe.

I managed to make a really nice landing in Las Vegas, something I was quite proud of considering I’ve never landed a plane with that much horsepower.

Quite appropriately, shortly after we got his plane in the hangar, we turned and saw a beautiful rainbow.


Not a bad way to conclude an amazing cross country adventure.

Unfortunately, a snowstorm is hitting home right now, so my flight back has been delayed. Turning a negative into a positive, we have plans today to play in a flight simulator and perhaps do some leisure flying around the Grand Canyon in the afternoon.

I’m exhausted and ready to be home with my family, but am so grateful for all the wonderful memories these last few days.

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