A little Vineyard, a little Blue

Looks like I have one last aviation-infused weekend coming up before I go off the grid for a month.

On the menu:

Saturday – Flying a new pilot to Martha’s Vineyard for lunch. Will be curious to learn whether I’ll be more relaxed flying over water now that I’ve done the underwater egress training, or far more tense now that I know what it’s actually like to escape from a situation like that!

Sunday – JetBlue tour at Logan International. This will be my first event as a volunteer for Above the Clouds. The field trip offers a behind-the-scenes look into JetBlue. The kids will get to meet with mechanics, chief pilots, and ground crew, visit the JetBlue Operations Tower, and explore the cockpit of an Airbus. Should be a lot of fun… and not just for them!

Topping it all off will be a nice lunch with some of my Ninety-Nines ladies in Boston.

Some pictures from the Ninety-Nines meeting at North Central State Airport in Rhode Island last weekend –

Yes, the monkey was there…



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