Every Time I Land a Plane, I’m a Bad@ss

BAM, that’s how that shit is done!!!” I texted out shortly after landing in Norwood (KOWD) Sunday morning.

Every time I land a plane, I feel like a total badass. Every time I land a plane perfectly, or near perfectly – especially in gusty winds, I feel like a mega super badass.



Yesterday was another event for Above the Clouds. The skies were clear and the winds were forecast to be calm, so I decided to fly down. The plane apparently wanted to fly as bad as I did that morning… I barely put it full throttle before it reached rotation speed.

Yeehaw!” I said to the plane as I pulled back on the yoke. “Guess we’re going flyin’!”

Little did I know how much I’d be yeehawing by the end of the day.

The event went very well.  Sadly, a couple kids couldn’t make it – one with terminal cancer had to be rushed to the hospital the night before.

My kid was very special. He was an 11  year old boy. On his bio, it said that his goal was to become a businessman… he wanted to start his own lemonade stand and make lots of money. Cute, right? Grab some tissues…

He wanted to do this so that he could buy a house for his mom, one “they can’t take away from us this time.

He had a blast yesterday, though. He was very engaged in the entire process… from helping to create his own flight plan (he chose to fly over Gillette Stadium and Fenway Park), to preflighting the plane, to filling out his first logbook entry.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After playing my part in the event, I decided to climb back on into my bird and head up to Nashua, NH for lunch.

bahstonCity of Boston off my wing tip… looks so small from the air. 

The winds had definitely made some changes in the few hours I’d been on the ground. When I got to KASH, they were at 16 knots, gusting to 19. Thankfully, they were mostly down the runway, but there was enough of a crosswind to make me Yeehaw! a bit through touchdown.

I was certainly feeling like a cowgirl that day!

My initial plan was to meet up with a couple other pilots, but one had to cancel and the other ended up having his parents and child with him, so dined separately.

As it seems to be lately, it was just me and the monkey.


Fun fact about KASH – the lady who runs the diner is married to the man who runs the control tower. It’s a great place to stop if you’re in the area. They even have a nice little pilot shop to stroll around and buy stuff you absolutely don’t need, but want to buy because you are a pilot and you obviously need more paraphernalia stating such… coffee mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, bumper stickers… you name it, they have it.

The winds had not even remotely relented when I got back up for my return to KBED. I took off pretty much sideways into them, then Yeehawed all the way home.

Despite weather not being as predicted… it never is in New England anyway… it was a fantastic day. Definitely a logbook entry I will cherish.

As for the monkey – one state left on the list, then it’s time for him to move along to the next pilot. Vermont, Vermont… brace yourself, you’re next!

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