July Dream Flight

This weekend was another successful Dream Flight event with Above the Clouds. I served as Flight Coordinator for a young boy named Justin, who was referred to us by Boston Children’s Hospital where he is a patient.

Justin was very shy and quite nervous about going up, but with the help of a kind, patient pilot named Bill and a warm, fuzzy therapy dog named Willow, we were not only able to get him airborne, but we also got him back on the ground with a smile on his face.

Willow hard at work with Justin (center, in gray) and his family.
Bill showing Justin how to use flight controls. “This button fires the missiles, so be careful.”
Justin’s proud mother and two other siblings (with a third cooking in the oven).
He ended up letting his little brother ride shotgun, opting instead for the back next to his dad.


Lift off! This was a really big moment, as we weren’t sure he would get off the ground due to his fears.
But he came back with a smile… a small one, but one that was a pretty big for a boy like him.
Each child gets their own personalized flight jacket and aviator glasses at the conclusion of the flight.
Looking cool!
A shot from my plane as I headed back to Hanscom Field. Another wonderful day!

Seeing the way the children transform from the start of the day to the end is incredible and humbling. Above the Clouds is truly a wonderful organization to be a part of. Hopefully one day I will be able to fly for them, but in the meantime I will continue doing what I can to make the day as special as possible for these very special kids.

Now off to the next adventure… Oshkosh!


(Pictures above posted with permission from family)

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